: An open source implementation of KiSS's PC-Link 1.3 software , written in C and it should compile on any linux or bsd host. Besides supporting the PC-Link1.3 communications, KMA will add additional functionality by it's core and it's ability to add modules. Modules which handle various types of sources.. like shoutcast streams, VCD images, DVD images, http-streaming, etc. KMA's core functionalities will be pc-link1.3 communications and lifting it's limitations. Like filename length limits, alternate locations of subpicture files, caching, etc.
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Links Modules finished usefull ones
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KiSS info & forums at mpeg-playcenter
KiSS technology
The original PC-Link can be found here
Windows users might try EZlink
localfile - for local mpg,avi,mp3,ogg and jpg files
magick - for many image formats
subpicture - subs handling
svcd - for SVCD and VCD images

In developement
DVD - for DVD images
shoutcast - for shoutcast streams
m3u - for Winamp playlists
http - for streaming over http

17-06-2004: KMA 0.4-test1 released for public testing.
21-05-2004: CVS code for 0.4 got updated with working CACHING and SVCD playback. Have a look and let me know any problems..
13-04-2004: KMA's 0.4 code has been put into CVS. For now it has it's own repository.. when it's stable and ready for 0.4.0 I'll replace the main repos with this branch.
07-04-2004: KMA 0.3.2 released: Fixes some bugs and compiles on FreeBSD.
01-04-2004: I installed this FW in my KiSS-dp500, and suggest it for other users as well. The FW is made for the dp508, but it's just working fine. Much better as 2.8.0. More information here.
23-03-2004: KMA 0.3.1 released: 0.3 with winamp playlists support
22-03-2004: KMA 0.3 released
21-03-2004: Started KMA, imported it's code into CVS, and fixed OGG playback

Download release here
project releases page

Jarl van Katwijk - 2004